Public Speaking boost your life.

Although a skilled man can speak, he rarely expresses himself on stage.  Even though we are sitting in the canteen drinking tea from the streets to Delhi, many people are adamant that it is very difficult, frightening and heart-wrenching to express such views in front of Mike and Dias.  Speech has always been the focus of discussion.  From the pre-independence period to the post-independence period, we have been witnessing the journey and impact of speech.  

In sociology, in politics, speech made many stand, but only because of speech, some had to sit at home.  Speech also paved the way for the establishment of power and a single speech also changed the equation of power.  

There is a strange fascination in the minds of those working in various fields about this speech on the one hand and fear on the other.  The number of speakers on the platform today is significant, but the rest of the population is far from fearful.

Most people’s concepts of speech, conversation and lecture are also vague.  It is also important to clearly articulate the concepts of those who look at it from the perspective that it is not our province.  

All of them are looking at these concepts as per their convenience.  As a result they appeared to call speech a lecture as a conversation, and conversation a speech.  This is where the journey of real speech learning begins.  Speech is not a lecture, a lecture is not a speech and a conversation is never a lecture or a speech.  Before learning ‘speech’, these small concepts in the mind need to be clarified.  At home, in the office, among friends, or even during an interview, the act of speaking is called ‘conversation’.  In a program, a guest who holds a mic in his hand for at least twenty minutes is talking.  A ‘lecture’ is a speaker who speaks for more than thirty minutes in order to elaborate and order the subject matter given by the organizers.

What should students or aspirants learn first from conversations, speeches and lectures?  The straightforward answer to this question is that before mastering the above three things and wanting to learn them, one should first acquire the virtue of ‘listening’.  

Of course, if you want to look at it in order, you have to look at listening skills, reading skills, communication skills and speech skills.  Good speech should be followed by good listening.  Whether it is a variety of lectures or a thought expressed by others, it should be listened to calmly, in unison.  Once you get into the habit of listening well, you should be able to read well.  It should also be noted that broadening the scope of knowledge and expanding the perimeter of thought further enhances speech skills.

Another important point is that the one who gets the best ‘speech’ is the one who gets his own ‘brand ambassador’.  There is no need to depend on others to spread the word about one’s work.  Not only sound education but his alertness and dedication too are most required.  

At the administrative level a lot of officers do a good job.  Top and middle officials have the opportunity to review their work in front of their superiors or even in public. Many teachers and entrepreneurs are no exception. 

 It will not work unless you put aside the shortcomings of the thoughts about the speech. For example, Nation government work will carried out by many only after the prime minister speech about governance activity, started talking about the changes in the nation in their speeches.  

You need to look at speech skills from the perspective of opportunity, knowing that no one else will come to tell us what we are doing unless we speak about it before your audience. 

Famous Inspector General of Police Vishwas Nangre-Patil in his speech on the success story behind his success. Presented to the youth through lectures.  All the youth were attracted to his eloquence along with his excellent workmanship, from which many took inspiration and achieved success. 

To give an example outside the Indian country, the key to the success of former Prime Minister of England Winston Churchill was the speech.  Churchill saw the speech as an opportunity.  The occasion of this opportunity given to Churchill is very interesting.  

Winston Churchill had gone to meet Middleton, the Conservative party’s manager, to seek candidacy in the parliament elections.  During the meeting, Winston expressed his inability to meet the conditions for candidacy.  Winston then decided to make campaign speeches for others in the election without being frustrated by the lack of candidacy.  

He was also getting paid for this speech.  Winston also proved his influence in politics by inheriting the political legacy of his father, Rudolph Churchill.  For the next 65 years, he maintained his influence in local politics.  In this, his speech skills were the biggest plus. 

King Alexander

King Alexander the Great, who set out to conquer the world, was an expert in warfare.  In addition to martial arts, King Alexander had mastered the art of speech, and he had been trained by Aristotle.  That is why King Alexander was able to create consciousness in the fallen armies.

After reading the characters of people who have gone to great heights due to speech, You will definitely awaken the desire to become proficient in it.  You should try to do it rather than avoiding ‘speech’ as a whole.  In the early stages of sweating, chest tightness, trembling of the legs, trembling of the voice, mispronunciation of words due to fear of words while going to the pulpit (platform).  

You will experience this fear shriving through your body during the first four or five speeches.  So why leave it this way?  No trying to public Speaking at all.  Explaining how to overcome fear, Marshall Folk Cow, commander of the Allied Powers in World War I, said, “Invasion is the best defense.  You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.”  Once this stage is crossed, there is nothing easier than a speech.

  Public Speaker in today’s world says “I felt that there was something close to speaking, if my mind was filled, I had a word and thought in my mind that there is nothing so easy to speak in this world. Now where to bring words to speak?  The words that come out of the fingertips are stuck in the lips (In case of social Media Chatting). You have eyes and if these eyes stay fixed on the pages of the book for a long time instead of the screen on the mobile, then these words will be found and also the word power will be formed.

Holy saint Tukaram Maharaj wants to tell that weapons, wealth, life are all in these words.  That is why every word that comes out of the speech is invaluable. It is more convenient to worship these words in the speech.  There are a lot of good speaking officers and employees on the occasion. People in government offices should be able to speak very well, because they are in touch with the people on a daily basis.  There are skills that you don’t take seriously  Have to say.  From here, things get trickier, and this is where the true love begins!  Try to give speeches wherever possible.

Honest at work makes your life better (And Mind Also)

Hello friend. Do you love your work How you see your work? Is this is something horrible to you or you take it as a challenge? You must now think why I am asking so much question to you about your work. Because I want to give you insights about your attitude towards work.

Yes, there is a lot of pressure that might blast your head and your heart pumps blood at double speed. Have you ever think about what will be the end result of all that after 6 months of 1 year. Your salary does matter, yes you work for that. But what’s more important is the product of your thoughts that has developed in that 1-year span. Your experience depends upon your attitude and how much your heart and soul was involved in your work.

If you notice that someone become a manager at 30 and another guy retired as a worker. No matter what your job is that will kill your time the same amount as everyone does. The difference in you and everyone else is how you apply your skills and engage your mind your tasks. How you use your productivity, problem-solving attitude, interpersonal skills and your unique strengths.

Forget politics and nepotism in your office. It is everywhere and only an honest person can get out of it without paint there hands in mud.

Do you feel a sense of satisfaction after you return to home from your office. If the answer is no then you definitely lose all the self-driven abilities and self-applying dive in approach in your life. Your honest time consumed at work gives a sense of self awareness and you start value yourself. This build up extra skills required to go for that extra mile in every aspect of life.

You sleep with a piece because you know that you have added value to your organisation. Ultimately people start noticing you and you go to your next level.

Do daily Post on your blog

Why it is so important to post regularly on your blog? Have you ever know that making something daily makes you master in that. Everything you do daily is the routine work to do and you get habit of that. For become great blogger or writer you should write daily.

Better say by our teachers that write something daily. That unfolds your inner person. Be honest about the your thoughts and write from your heart. No matter how bad or good you are at you should write anything you known about. Writing gives you daily dose of thought digester.

Another benefit is that you will become effective and good at writing day by day and once you cross that 10 post milestone you will notice difference between your first post and 10th. Things developed slowly and at your own pace.

All great writers are not born with special skills or inborn talent but it is result of their continuous efforts and sheer determination of their current status.

There is famous story about picaso that you might have been heard about. One day picaso met with lady who requests them to draw something for her. Picaso pick up little paper and draw a picture in matter of minute. Picaso hold that paper to lady and told me this picture is worth thousands of dollars. Lady can’t believe and go to one painting dealer to find price of that picture and shocked by realising what picaso told him was right. She returned to picaso and asked how can you make thousands of dollars picture in just one minute. Picaso replied was lesson to all of us. They answer to lady “what you see in minute of my work cost me practice of 30 years.”

What you learn from above story? To be an expert you have to pay the cost of your dedicated time and energy in that field. You will become definitely expert in writing if you write daily. Some great bloggers now are once write one sentence daily and now write thousands of words blog posts.

My friend everything requires patience and determination. If you have those qualities then no one can stop you from doing great. Be honest to your self at what you are doing to achieve your goals. Do only one thing being honest to your self will give you deep insights what you do wrong and what need to be corrected.

Start small by writing small posts and gradually increase length of posts. Ensure your readers will add value to their life by reading your posts. Try to blend your personal experience. Most important thing is that don’t copy anybody and be your self. People will love you if you are honest. Just honest!

When you write blog posts remember you are communicating with your audience. Though you are not physically present to them but your thoughts will be. Be pure and open your self to your audience. Happy writing. Thank you for reading my post.

What makes you giggle in serious situation.

Hi, have you ever face the situation when there is a serious situation but you have to giggle because of your different view to see that. The person before you may have in a serious situation but your level of thinking horizon may be at a different level that doesn’t match with the deepness of that drama.

You have that one friend who always in serious mode and you know that very well so you already anticipated for that situation. Not all but in cases, he may actually in trouble but that may sound funny to you.

It’s the difference between you and your friend’s thoughts to think on the same situation. This may lead to a misunderstanding of the person before you and thinking that you make fun of them.

The safest way to handle this situation is to cough when you feel a giggle. Funny but it is the lifesaver trick you may use in any situation where you should not giggle but have to.

What is swacch Bharat Mission

Am I only one who thinks swachh Bharat Abhiyan should implement in each and every city and Zone. Government of India do each and every step to maintain cleanliness in the city and implement best practices to teach citizens the importance of cleanliness.

Honestly speaking I have worked as City Coordinator in Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. Several measures are there in respect of norms in solid waste management. All these are aiming towards the safe environment ♻️ and proper hygiene in residential and public areas.

Most of the citizen’s don’t know what going on in entire swachh sarvekshan. Government take many measures to involve citizens and educating about their roles and responsibilities in keeping their city clean.

Do you know your roles and responsibilities in keeping your city clean?

1️⃣ Keep your city clean by not throwing garbage here and there 🚯

2️⃣ Ensure you segregate your daily waste in wet waste and dry waste.

3️⃣ Give your waste only to Ghantagadi (That van come to your home daily to pick up your waste.

4️⃣ Use Swachhta App and raise complain if there is waste scattered in your area. Complain via the app if Garbage van doesn’t come to take your waste.

5️⃣ Take part in Events promoting Cleanliness Drive in your area.

6️⃣ Ask for a dustbin to dispose Empty Dish of any waste after eating that panipuri or Wadapav from Bhaiyas the.

7️⃣ Please give Sanitary waste (Menstrual Waste and Diapers) and domestic hazardous waste (Used syringes, expired medications, broken glass, CFL bulb and tubes and any waste that can harm waste pickers) separately.

My friend, please help me to keep your city clean by following the above instructions. Watch swachh sarvekshan campaigns in your area and if possible participate in morning cleaning drive.

Thrive with Thrive Themes

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Handbook of affiliate marketing by Harsh Agarwal: Review

Hii friend, I have been read Harsh Agarwal book regarding affiliate marketing and found that quite helpful for beginners and intermediate affiliate marketing bloggers. Book writing style is descent and so much information is flowing through book. Overall I am satisfied with this book for the price.

Your curiosity about affiliate marketing and blogging has force you to gain knowledge in this field. You want to find good affiliate programs. You need information how to write content and place your affiliate links in your blog. You should know different payment methods of affiliate program. All this requirement are filled with this book.

In first part you will going to understand basic concepts and ABC of affiliate marketing. You will get details of all types of ads for connecting affiliate marketing. How to generate Various affiliate links and mix them in to your content. How to deal with Adsense ads and affiliate ads. This all will know to you.

There are many pro tips to increase your income and plugins required in affiliate marketing. You will surely get something valuable out of this book.

Suggesting you top affiliate marketing programs with guidelines for each are provided. Happy blogging and affiliate marketing.

When I am city coordinator at Swachh Bharat Mission Swachh Sarvekshan 2020.

Swachh Bharat Mission is flagship project of government of India. It launched in all states of India and in every Urban Local body. More than 4000 ULB successfully hopped Swachh Bharat Mission. It starts at 2017 and it’s february 2020. 4 the year is absolutely fantastic and there is competition in Cities. Competition taken by cities so seriously that they try each and every thing to achieve maximum cleaning and aesthetic city. City become more attractive and clean by Swachh Bharat Mission. Prizes are allotted for top ranking cities but this ceremony is postponed due to Covid19.

Swachh Bharat campaign is thoroughly launched in citizens and massive feedback are taken from citizens. Citizens asked 12 questions about cleaning level of premises and sanitation services benchmark fulfillment index. Separate weightage of marks for ranking of cities are allocated to feedback.

So much has been done by cities to keep city clean and green. Information, Education and Information (IEC) activity are perform regarding waste management, segregation of waste in to dry and wet categories, home composting, waste reduction are promoted in cities.

Waste collection and transportation, waste disposal are key areas of ranking. Most cities are perform well in this. Waste reduction by composting is practiced by citizens and bulk waste generators like hotels and wedding halls.

Cities are targeting for Open Dedication free cities. This time Alandi city in Pune got ODF ++ ranking. I have been worked in Alandi as City coordinator. I have closely observed and working with cities in Swachh Bharat Mission. Very few cities like Indore, Navi Mumbai, Lonawala are perform exceptionally well in SBM.

Main reason for dirty cities is that they have poor collection and transportation facilities for waste management. Proper waste disposalis another problem as many cities have not capacity to process their waste. To make cities authentic many attempts done from installation of Artefacts to painting of walls. Many road dividers planted by greenery trees. Exam for all cities is conducted in January 2020 called as Swachh Sarvekshan 2020. Final result will announced soon and award distribution may postponed and arrange post Covid19.

I enjoyed working as City coordinator and it is great experience.